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No, we are only acting on behalf of claimants who purchased their vehicles in England and Wales. There may be other solicitors who will be able to help if you bought your car outside of England and Wales.

The affected vehicles include:

  • Agila
  • Antara
  • Astra
  • Cascada
  • Combo
  • Corsa
  • Crossland
  • Insignia
  • Meriva
  • Mokka
  • Movano
  • Vivaro

As the investigation progresses, it is likely that the list of possibly affected models will grow.

We act on a strict no win, no fee basis. So, as our client, you do not have to pay us anything upfront. Our success fee is 40% (excluding VAT) of any compensation we recover for you. If we succeed, a portion of the damages awarded to you will cover certain costs and expenses (such as court fees and experts’ fees). We take this fee from the damages we recover for you.
It makes no difference. You can still make a claim.
Yes, if you bought your vehicle in your name through a limited company or partnership, you will qualify to join our group action claim.
Click here to sign-up for a potential Vauxhall claim, fill in the answers to our questions and we will be in touch about next steps.
The case is still in the very early stages however, we expect it will follow a similar trajectory as our other emission cases such as Mercedes and Volkswagen. At this time, we recommend signing up so that we can investigate whether you qualify for the claim.
This entirely depends on your individual circumstances and what claims are available to you. There are several different factors such as when you acquired your vehicle, whether you acquired it from an authorised dealer and the method of acquisition. It is difficult to say until we investigate your individual merits how much you may be owed.
You can still make a claim. However, you must continue to meet any outstanding financial obligations.
If you purchased or leased a Vauxhall diesel vehicle between 2008 and 2019, you may qualify for a claim.
Vauxhall is alleged to have sold and manufactured diesel cars fitted with so-called defeat devices designed to fool regulators. These vehicles were not fit or lawful for driving on UK roads as the devices made Vauxhall diesel engines appear to be cleaner and less polluting than they were. We believe that the manufacturer deliberately misled regulators and customers and set out to cheat the system. As such, we believe Vauxhall owes affected diesel vehicle owners and lessors financial compensation.
Whilst you do not need to have any documentation to start a claim, at a later stage we will ask you to provide us with documentation relating to the acquisition of your vehicle. Once you have signed up to the claim, we recommend gathering together any documentation that you believe to be relevant to your vehicle. The type of documentation we will ask from you include: Purchase invoice, finance agreement, lease agreement, contract of sale, your V5C and any correspondence you may have received about your vehicle.